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  • ★ SHOWCASING THE VERY BEST IN HOME FRAGRANCE - This luxurious fragrant candle captures the bittersweet scent of cognac, the woody essence of teakwood & oak and the exotic aroma of saffron resulting a unique and enchanting scent that's impossible to ignore. Perfect for those who long for the great outdoor, they offer consistent fragrance release during their longer burn time of 50 hours. Light up & let the smoky scent reconnect with Mother Nature and warm your heart and home.
  • ★ 100% NATURAL SOY WAX BASED - ESNA HOME's fragrance candles are made with premium and highly refined all-natural vegan soy wax formulation that was developed over many years to optimize fragrance diffusion. Housed within an elegant vessel, they leave you with no worries as you relax to their enchanting scents. All of our creations are phthalate & cruelty-free and they offer a long-lasting, clean, consistent, & soot-free burn won’t mar the reusable/multipurpose glass jar.
  • ★ AN AROMATHERAPY FAVORITE - In addition to a heavenly smell, ESNA HOME's eco-friendly candles are brought to life with highly concentrated Lavander essential oils that can have an uplifting & calming effect on both the mind and body & help improve your overall wellbeing. The fragrance from the oils of the lavender plant is believed to help promote calmness and wellness. Bring a little health and happiness into your home or someone dear with these Aromatherapy Favorite candles.
  • ★ SOPHISTICATED YET PRACTICAL DESIGN - ESNA HOME scented candles are housed in a glass holder and topped with the ESNA HOME signature gold coated engraved metal Snuffer Lid. A Substantial piece designed to fully seal the jar to lock in the fragrance between burning, snuffs out the flame without any smoke, prolongs their burning time & protects the candle against dust. ESNA HOME candles are truly a decorative piece which transforms the atmosphere of any room with their luxurious touch.
  • ★THE ULTIMATE GIFT - We are here to help you elevate your gifting game. ESNA HOME's decorative candles are the ultimate gift idea for anyone who finds pleasure in luxury. Each candle is packed, hand sealed and delivered in our luxurious soft-touch gift Box, a gift box that will feel like it is its own present. ESNA HOME’s Brillo Collection’s chic and well-crafted candles make the ultimate gift that you’ll be pleased to give to anyone.
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Smell wields power like no other sense. A single scent can awaken memories long forgotten, or send you to your favorite places on Earth.

This is the promise of the Brillo Collection: memories and emotions evoked by highly concentrated perfume oils, mixed into healthy soy wax, and packaged in a breath-taking gold-gilded jar.

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